The Training of O - Training of the Pretty Girl, Final Daythumb
The Training of O - Training of the Pretty Girl, Final Daythumb

DVD The Training of O - Training of the Pretty Girl, Final Day

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For a girl that claims to not feel very pretty, she looks pretty fucking hot to me. The heels I strapped to her pretty little feet four days ago strain her calves and jack up her ass just right. The red lips I taught her to wear are as parted and inviting as any slave from the BDSM stories. The corset I put her in is tight. It takes her waist down to 23 fuckable inches of cinched down slave meat. It bubbles her ass and boosts up her tits like a perverse little slave girl dolly. Watching her teeter around the set makes my dick twitch. She just needs one more thing.

I All Collars Must Be Earned
I only hit her when she stops repeating her mantra. She is bent over, working the oil into the leather with her fingers. That leather will soon be strapped across her throat, if she does this right. I tie her asshole and pussy open with rope, and jam a vibe against the wet mound of quivering cunt. I tie it tightly against her flesh so she cannot squirm away from the torturous vibration. The thick ball of the ass-hook sinks into her lewdly exposed anus, the soft puckering tissue sucks the steel into her. I tie that to her hair and pull it tight enough to arch her back.

Finally, the nipples. They are such sweet, tender buds of meat that I just want to chew them right off. But I settle for clamping them. And, tying the clamps to her ankles. I crank up the vibe, and start to beat her ass with a leather belt. It is time for her to earn her leather.

II Positions: All Slaves Must Know Their Place
I scream in her face. I make her jump, squat, bend, kneel, beg and pray. By the end of this scene she is sure of one thing: her place.

III All Slaves Must Suck Cock
The cage is where she gets used. I take her face in my hands and show her exactly how I want to see her suck cock. Over and over, her pretty red lips stretch and squeeze around the length and head of that thick dick. I crane her thin neck and fill her cheek with the gimp dick. She looks like some perverse cartoon character. I can feel the cock pressing against my hand through the thin wall of her cheek. I start to slap.

IV The Pile Driver: All Slaves Must Take It in the Ass
She is limber. Much to her detriment. I pin her knees to her ears and point her asshole to the sky. The hole gapes open immediately. The gimp is hard instantly, and the pile driver begins. I slap, finger and cane her cunt as the dick ravages her slave asshole. The orgasms, scraming out her pretty girl song, and before she is done, she kneels up and begs for the come. Good girl, Calvert. Now tell us what you learned.



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